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Search Meade County Sheriff's Office Records Online

Sheriff Office Name:
Meade County Sheriff's Office
Street Address:
1400 Main St
Zip Code:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. - Fri.
Ron Merwin
Sheriff Email:
About Additional Info:
The Meade County Sheriff's Office oversees three distinct divisions as well as several layers within those divisions. The three divisions are Law Enforcement, Corrections (Jail), and Communications (Dispatch). State law details the many duties of a sheriff, but utmost is the sheriff shall keep and preserve the peace within his county, and he is empowered to call to his aid such persons or power of his county as he may deem necessary. He must pursue and apprehend all felons; and must execute all writs, warrants, and other processes from an court or magistrate which shall be directed to him by legal authority. It shall be the duty of the sheriff to comply with all orders of the attorney general or his agents and at all times, whether on duty under the call of the attorney general or his agents or not, to see to it as far as may be possible that all the laws of this state and especially all laws relating to alcoholic beverages are faithfully executed and enforced. The sheriff shall furnish to the attorney general or his agents from time to time any information regarding conditions in his county that may be required; and it is his duty to inform himself of all violations of the state criminal laws, notify the state's attorney to file criminal complaints or preliminary information, and to arrest and assist in the prosecution of persons charged.
1400 Main St, 57785, Sturgis, South Dakota